Pastor Scottie Torrain

Senior Pastor of Miles Chapel Baptist Church/Friend

After many years of ministering to the masses through Word and song, Pastor Marcus Morrow is moving to the next step of progression by releasing his debut CD. If his preaching and teaching are any indication of the quality of this project expect it to be full of melodious tones anchored in the Word of God while floating on some (Fred) Hammonite bass beats. Having served in ministry under his leadership, I know his heart. He has an intense love for God, God’s people and an unquenchable desire for excellence. I anxiously await April 15th and you should too!!


Erron Clark


I have a lot of love for this Brother right here. Not only as a cousin, but as a mentor, as a pastor, and someone who is just as excited to see me exceed my expectations as I am. He has witnessed my growth, and I want to thank him because it is people like him in our community who help keep young brothers and sisters walking in faith and surrounded by love. Cuz, I love you man. Thanks for being so involved in my life.




Jerome Waller

Music Minister/Friend

When I first met Marcus Morrow during a joint Music Ministry Workshop at North East Baptist Church, I knew the Lord had joined me to a very, very anointed and talented person.  Through the years I have been blessed by this inspiring, encouraging, supportive friend who has truly edified my spirit and my ministries.  He is a Champion Preacher, Teacher!  But I have to say I LOVE the fact that this PASTOR is a dynamic musician, singer and songwriter.  He loves people and we love him. So happy that his CD season is here!